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Passion for Leadership

A leadership position takes someone who is strong, hard working, positive, confident, and a great role model to all. Amanda Bastien is all of those to her sisters in DZ.

Amanda has been apart of Delta Zeta for a few years now. As of 2020, she took on the role of becoming the Vice President of Philanthropy. As known our National Philanthropy is of Speech and Hearing. Delta Zeta supports the Starkey Foundation through fundraising events.

"I have always had a passion for leadership and I love to help others" said Bastien. "Delta Zeta has given me the opportunity to do both while also having the time of my life."

Bastien puts on many fundraising events like the 5k, bowling fundraiser, dodgeball events, and many others. One of her best fundraisers of 2020 was the silent disco in February located at Tony V's. She stated that she loves how Delta Zeta can all come together, make an impact, and have a great time while doing so.

"I feel so blessed to be surrounded by such incredible people," said Bastien. "Each one of my sisters inspires me to be better and to do better."

Bastien mentioned how being able to take on the position of VP of Philanthropy has given her many other opportunities.

It has allowed her to discover how much she really loves this line of work. It has even gone as far as to guiding her into a new career pathway that she loves!


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